Spotlighting your opportunities 

The potential for innovation in financial services is huge, we only have scratched the surface. But where do you start? Which role do you want to play in the innovation ecosystem? How do you focus and scale your corporate innovation efforts? With whom do you partner? How do you balance rigor with agility? Where to set your priorities? To what extent should you be in the driver's seat as a leader?

FabianVDR delivers tailormade strategy awareness sessions and organises discussion groups at the heart of your organisation with the objective to genuinely inform your leadership about innovation and transformation opportunities that may benefit your organisation. Successful changes or innovations require visibly engaged C-suite leaders who communicate clearly about the changes at hand. As a trusted advisor to the CEO/CxO or Board, we help you navigate through the challenges to build capacity, avoid false starts and beef up your strategy. Subsequently, we help you engage your teams into your new endeavours.

Assessing the current state of your innovation ecosystem

There is no universal formula for how to make change happen successfully. However, knowing that change is different for each organisation, each journey starts with a comprehensive assessment: what is the current state of your business? What is your organisational diagnostic? How innovative are you, or do you think you are? Where do you rank among competitors?

FabianVDR provides an external viewpoint on your current reality. We open your eyes to challenges or opportunities that might have been overlooked when being discussed within or among internal silos. We perform a thorough audit that provides you with an independent, clear advice on your current strategic course: how it aligns with your current and future environment, what works well and what needs to change to help you grow. Whether it is a digital transformation programme, a new product development, a revised data strategy or a strong shared service centre strategy: we have strong credentials in all these areas. 

Crafting your future innovation strategy, value proposition and operating model 

Helping boards and the C-suite be in perfect alignment with the strategy is often a challenge. However, it is a crucial step. Without buy-in from the top, there will be no commitment and no discipline in the execution of the strategy.

FabianVDR has a track record in creating and succinctly designing practical strategies that are feasible and sustainable for your organisation. We look at your organisation from various angles to build your future strategy and business model(s), engaging the leadership team and the staff all the way along the journey.

To implement your business model, we also design your next innovative operating model, with an emphasis on appropriate governance, the right metrics, and a manageable number of change projects. We shape an innovation framework that makes sense in function of your ambition, company culture, available skills and innovation maturity. We promote an open and inclusive innovation model. In sync, we help you develop a nimble partner network strategy. Most importantly, we aim for a sustainable and scalable approach.

Orchestrating your go-to-market 

How to build an attractive and different value proposition? How to plan the best sequence in the go-to-market for your new product or service? What kind of channel, marketing and branding strategy to adopt for the roll-out?

FabianVDR is your sparring partner of excellence for preparing your entrance into new markets, customer segments or geographies. Active in both the EU and the Middle East, we build bridges across promising regions, select relevant strategic partners, and analyse best-in-class distribution channels. Together, we explore and implement the most successful route for your local, regional or global value creation journey