Fabian Vandenreydt is the founder of FabianVDR Advisory. He has over 30 years of executive experience in driving innovation in capital markets post-trade, international payments and financial market infrastructures. Through FabianVDR, he gladly shares his experience in financial technology and innovation with a focus on corporate open innovation and strategic partnership development. Since the foundation of FabianVDR, he acts as a strategic Advisor to International Financial Centres, Financial Market Infrastructures, (Fin)Tech Hubs, Government agencies, and Professional Associations on governance, innovation, business and operational models, market development, data strategies and mindset- and cultural aspects. He also advises several promising start-ups or scale-ups to accelerate their growth trajectory.


Over the years, Fabian Vandenreydt has built an extensive network of high-value, senior contacts and friends, representing many different areas of the financial services industry. FabianVDR liaises with his connections for the mutual benefit of his clients and his network. He is a highly valued keynote speaker, panellist or moderator frequently invited to inspirational (online) events worldwide. He has a gift to highlight the most relevant topics in all candor and always leaves a lasting impression.

Fabian is a member of several international industry associations and contributes to various specialised financial market publications. 


One of FabianVDR's key values is complete confidentiality, which gave it recognition as a trusted advisor to eminent financial, governmental and high-tech organisations. His business acumen, combined with technological savviness and a capability to clarify complex subjects at the level of any interlocutor, turned him into an advisor with whom you will want to connect for your next challenge. Topped with a highly approachable, friendly, direct and respectful personality, FabianVDR is your trustworthy choice.

As a token of trust, Fabian Vandenreydt has been granted several awards by global financial services publications.